Team Members


  • Marie-Hélène Guertin, Research Associate
  • Andréanne Savard, MSc Epidemiology
  • Talía Malagón, PhD Epidemiology
  • Aminata Mboup, Research Associate
  • Nicolas Van de Velde, PhD Epidemiology
  • Mohamed Amine Amiche, Epidemiologist
  • Simon Olivier Fournier, Statistician
  • Atika Benbernou, MSc Epidemiology
  • Gurgen Melkonyan, Mathematical Modeler
  • Véronique Joumier, Mathematical Modeler
  • Rebecca Tremblay, Statistician

Co-supervised students with Dr. Marie-Claude Boily at Imperial College, London, UK

  • Romain Silhol, Post-doctoral fellow
    Assessing the loss in accuracy and precision of HIV intervention impact predictions with simple dynamical models compared to more complex micro-simulation ones
  • Paddy Brock, Post-doctoral fellow
    Assessing HPV serotype replacement in the project health-economic modelling of PREvention strategies for HPV-related Disease in European CounTries (PREHDICT)
  • Jennifer Shelton, MSc in Epidemiology (completed)
    Serotype replacement following widespread vaccination against human papillomavirus (HPV) in the UK -- Should we be worried?

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