Marc Brisson, PhD
Full Professor

Current research aims to develop and utilise mathematical models to study the natural history and transmission dynamics of infectious disease, and to predict the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of different control strategies and their impact on health inequalities. The work includes epidemiological analysis, mathematical modelling, valuation of outcomes (i.e. QALYs gained), and economic analysis.

Summer 2016
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June 2016
ACIP MEETING. Marc Brisson was presenting at the meeting of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (Atlanta, June 22-23) [ Summary Report ] [ Meeting Agenda (PDF) ]
June 2016
EUROGIN 2016. Marc Brisson was chair of the session 'The role of modeling and economics' and was invited speaker at EUROGIN 2016: 'What can models tell us about reduced dose schedules?' (Salzburg, June 15-18) [ EUROGIN 2016 ] [ Program (PDF) ]
June 2016
WHO IVIR-AC MEETING. Marc Brisson attended the Immunization and Vaccines Related Implementation Research (IVIR) Advisory Committee (IVIR-AC) of the World Health Organization (WHO) (Geneva, May 30-June 1)
May 2016
PUBLICATION IN THE JOURNAL OF INFECTIOUS DISEASES: 'Comparing 2- and 3-dose 9-valent HPV vaccine schedules in the U.S.: A Cost-effectiveness analysis' [ J Infectd Dis ]

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