Our research group is involved in many different aspects of COVID-19 research including modeling to provide guidance to the ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux du Québec (MSSS) and the Institut national de santé publique du Québec (INSPQ).


Now recruiting participants for CONNECT2 - Study on social contacts of Canadians in a period of social distancing.
May 2020
REPORT ON RADIO-CANADA'S DÉCOUVERTE SHOW: Radio-Canada's Découverte show presented a report on our work on modeling COVID-19 in Quebec entitled: 'La science des contacts' Ici Radio-Canada ]
April 2020
INTERVIEW AT 'RADIO-CANADA ICI PREMIÈRE'. Marc Brisson is interviewed by Claude Bernatchez about his work to model the Covid-19 in 'Le déconfinement, un défi pour la santé publique. Entrevue avec Marc Brisson'. ici première ]
April 2020
INTERVIEW IN 'LE DEVOIR'. Marc Brisson is interviewed about his work to model the Covid-19 epidemic and the control measures in the province of Quebec in 'Voir par-delà le sommet de la courbe'. ledevoir ]
April 2020
INTERVIEW IN QUEBEC SCIENCE. Marc Brisson is interviewed about estimating the basic reproduction number (R0, R-naught) of Covid-19 in 'La quête du véritable R0'. Quebec Science ]

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