Marc Brisson, PhD
Full Professor

Current research aims to develop and utilise mathematical models to study the natural history and transmission dynamics of infectious disease, and to predict the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of different control strategies and their impact on health inequalities. The work includes epidemiological analysis, mathematical modelling, valuation of outcomes (i.e. QALYs gained), and economic analysis.

Summer 2018
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June 2018
PUBLICATIONS IN VALUE IN HEALTH: 'Model Comparisons of the Effectiveness and Cost-effectiveness of Vaccination: A Systematic Review of the Literature' [ ScienceDirect ]
May 2018
PUBLICATION IN VACCINE: 'Human papillomavirus vaccine effectiveness by number of doses: Systematic review of data from national immunization programs' [ ScienceDirect ]
March 2018
Marc Brisson is member of the newly appointed Expert Panel on the Potential Socio-economic Impacts of Antimicrobial Resistance in Canada of the Council of Canadian Academies. The goal of the panel is to assess the impact Antimicrobial Resistance has on Canadians and the health care system. [ ]
February 2018
PUBLICATION IN THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CANCER: 'Potential lives saved in 73 countries by adopting multi-cohort vaccination of 9-14 year old girls against human papillomavirus' [ PubMed ]

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