Marc Brisson, PhD
Full Professor

Current research aims to develop and utilise mathematical models to study the natural history and transmission dynamics of infectious disease, and to predict the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of different control strategies and their impact on health inequalities. The work includes epidemiological analysis, mathematical modelling, valuation of outcomes (i.e. QALYs gained), and economic analysis.

Summer 2016
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November 2016
INTERVIEW IN 'PLANÈTE F' MAGAZINE. Marc Brisson is interviewed about vaccinating boys against HPV [ Planète F ]
November 2016
PUBLICATION IN LANCET PUBLIC HEALTH: 'Cost-effectiveness of the next generation nonavalent human papillomavirus vaccine in the context of primary human papillomavirus screening in Australia: a comparative modelling analysis' [ Lancet Pub Health ] [ Accompanying Comment ]
October 2016
SAGE-WHO MEETING. Marc Brisson presented at the meeting of the WHO Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) on immunization held October 18-20, 2016 in Geneva. Results presented at the meeting will be used for WHO recommendations on HPV vaccination at the Global level. [ Meeting Agenda ] [ Summary Report ]
October 2016
ACIP MEETING. ACIP voted to recommend a 2-dose HPV vaccination schedule in the US for girls and boys, based partly on modeling results presented by Marc Brisson to ACIP last June. [ CDC ]

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